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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: 6 X order 3

A few messages back I mentioned a cyclicly decomposable process for
the pattern 6 X order 3. Success! Those familar with Christoph
Bandelow's "Inside Rubik's Cube and Beyond" will recognize the
notation, but for those who don't:

Mr is the middle slice adjacent to face R
Mu is the middle slice adjacent to face U (or T)
Mf is the middle slice adjacent to face F

Thus Mr1 rotates the middle slice in the same direction as r1,
etc. ...fairly intuitive.

The 28 slice moves are rather lengthy, but one can follow the
progression to 6 X order 3 easily. Before the discovery of
process p1b, memorization and execution of this pattern was
difficult. By memorization I don't mean retention for days or
weeks or even months as I wanted a CD-type process with which I
could always reconstruct it in my head.

Perhaps this could be improved upon, nevertheless now
the checkerboard order 3 is easy to execute and easy to remember!

(rotates edges 120 degrees around the FTR corner and BDL corner)
p1b  alternate method 2 (Mr2 D3 Mr2 U1) ^3  TOP becomes LEFT     (28s)
                        (Mr2 D3 Mr2 U1) ^3  LEFT becomes TOP
                         Mr3 Mt1 Mr1 Mt3

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