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A while back I reported on the list of cube books available at the
Library of Congress. At the time, I did not realize the
significance of #2:

2. 85-109601: Mezei, Andras.  Magyar kocka, avagy, Meg mindig ilyen
     gazdagok vagyunk? /  Budapest : Magveto, c1984.  473 p. : ill.
     ; 21 cm.

Digging through some old magazines I reread the cube article in
the March 1986 issue of "Discover" magazine. In this issue
John Tierney talks to Rubik himself. The article itself is
excellent, showing pictures of Rubik's first wooden prototype,
and having discussions on the Golden Age of the Cube when
only Rubik had access to his invention.

I learned that Andras Mezei (a Budapest writer) wrote a book and a
play called "The Hungarian Cube". This chronicles the debacle
that occured when the Hungarians attempted to expand their
operations to meet the huge demand, rather than farm the work
to other factories. Andras writes: "Everyone made money on the
cube except the Hungarians".

Does anyone on Cube-Lovers have this book? Judging by the size
of the book, and the fact that it's illustrated, I think it
would be a worthy addition to any cubist's library, even more
so if there exists an english translation. If not, I feel
encouraged enough to get an English-Hungarian dictionary and
read it anyway!

-> Mark

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