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Notes on the Pyraminx

According to Dr. Ronald Turner-Smith there are 5 different Pyraminx
puzzles, all of different complexity. The following are listed in
order from easiest to hardest (to the best of my knowledge):

Pyraminx Star: Easiest of all pyraminx??
A simplification of the popular pyraminx because of the
little uni-coloured (usually grey or silver) tetrahedrons
on the 3 middle pieces of each face. Effectively all
middle pieces on this pyraminx are the same colour!

Snub Pyraminx: Same as standard pyraminx with tips removed

Popular Pyraminx: The standard pyraminx of which appeared in vast
quanities after the cube caught on.

Senior Pyraminx: This is a mystery puzzle. No one seems to know anything
about it, yet Turner-Smith's book refers to it and
gives the maximum number of moves for it! It is between
the Popular Pyraminx and Master Pyraminx in difficulty.

Master Pyraminx: All the moves of the standard pyraminx plus 180 degree
                 turns of the edges (just the strip, not the whole face)
                 446,965,972,992,000 combinations. Interestingly in
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