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Don.Woods@eng.sun.com writes about the barrel puzzle. If I recall correctly,
this was made by Nintendo before they switched to computer games. I also
believe the name was "Ten Billion Barrel." (Mine is buried somewhere and
I couldn't solve it, but I didn't want to buy the book that was published
at one time, sigh... I didn't need a book for the cube, so why should I
cheat for a piddly little barrel... sigh.)

Anyway, there are still a few available. But I have to warn, if anyone wants
one, it will cost more for postage and for my train fare going to the store,
than to buy the thing. If anyone wants one, we can arrange it by e-mail.
But I'd really prefer to trade for some of those wonderful things that
Mr. Longridge described. (I'm drooling all over my keyboard again, just
remembering them.)

-- Norman Diamond diamond@jit081.enet.dec.com
[Digital did not write this.]

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