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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Re: miniscences

Al Zimmermann <azimmerm@rnd.stern.nyu.edu> writes:
>I spent every non-touristy moment
>working out and recording moves until, on day 13, I got the final face.
>When we got back to the States, my girl friend and I broke up. Do you think
>there's a moral here?

Yes, at least three:

(1) Every non-touristy moment that you weren't recording moves, you should
have spent with your girl friend instead of working out :-)

(2) You should have given equal attention to the final face and to your
girl friend's face :-)

(3) You should have chosen a girl friend who could solve the cube, like
I did.

But I thank you for warning about the dangers of getting back to the States.
Maybe I shouldn't go back after all :-)

-- Norman Diamond diamond@jit081.enet.dec.com
[Digital did not write this.]

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