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Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Constantin (Pirkach 14, D-8535 ah I forgot the name
of the city but it's near Nurnberg, Germany) makes lots of variations on

ronnie@cisco.com writes:
>Unless the the Bundespost will deliver mail to "a city near Nurnberg" I think
>you're pretty safe. Unless of course you'll post the full address?

I was telling the truth -- I forgot the name of the city while in the middle
of typing. Meanwhile, I had posted the full address on rec.puzzles a few
months ago.

Just now, I have recalled the name of the city, and here is the full address
(if I don't forget again while typing :-)

Constantin Geduldspiele
Pirkach 14
D-8535 Emskirchen

-- Norman Diamond diamond@jit081.enet.dec.com
[Digital did not write this.]

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