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Mr. Longridge! Please post the addresses of where to buy that stuff!
Oh, I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Constantin (Pirkach 14, D-8535 ah I forgot the name
of the city but it's near Nurnberg, Germany) makes lots of variations on
cubes and skewbs etc., but the underlying mechanisms all seem to be standard

Honourable mention: Pyraminx Star, Puck, Ufo, Trick Haus
(Anyone got multiples of these)

Hmmmm. I might confess to owning two Trick Hauses in exchange for something
of sufficient persuasion, such as some of the others listed in Mr. Longridge's
post. In hopes of being able to exchange for some neat stuff, I'd better not
mention that Mr. Constantin can sell Trick Hauses for something around DM 20.

Imagine my disappointment when I found out the Mach Ball, Skewb and
Moody Ball all have the same basic mechanism!

Yeah, but with Mach Ball you have to orient the square-like pieces.
Haven't seen Moody Ball.

-- Norman Diamond diamond@jit081.enet.dec.com
[Digital did not write this.]

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