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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Cube Lovers on the World Wide Web

I have converted the Cube-Lovers archives into HTML. You can now read
all old e-mail messages using your favorite WWW Browser. Check out


I shall try to keep this reasonably up to date.

The conversion is done automatically with an AWK script. It is certainly
not perfect. If you have comments or suggestions, please write me.

Looking at this long list of e-mail messages got me wondering.
Should we try to condense the information into a few documents?
I am thinking of documents describing what is known about God's
algorithm, where those bounds come from, for which other groups
God's algorithm is known, processes for pretty patterns, etc.

The reason is I don't have the time to read all 1382 e-mail message
carefully, and I believe that this is true for others too.
I feel that there are many interesting things in Cube Lovers that
I would like to know, but won't read. Any takers?

Have a nice day.


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