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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: PUZZLE PARTY 4 -- SATURDAY (Dec. 2), 7pm, Orange!


The 3 Puzzle Parties this year have been a big success! The last party
brought puzzle collectors from as far as Australia, plus the world-famous
Jerry Slocum,... and didn't quit 'til 3:30am!

So if you missed the one before, you absolutely don't want to miss Puzzle
Party 4!... Bring your brain teasers, mechanical puzzles and mental games,
and prepare yourself to have an incredibly good time. Join us to dine on a
tasty ``puzzle potluck'' along with drinks and leisurely conversation with
friends by the fireside. Plenty of snacks & refreshments and good spirits
provided, so grab that brain and some puzzles, and see you there!

WHEN: Saturday, December 2nd
7:00 PM until...

WHERE: Mike's house, 506 N. Maplewood St., Orange, CA
From the 5 fwy S, exit 22E, to the end, then 55N, take 2nd exit
Chapman West, at 1st light right/north on Tustin, 2nd light left/west
onto Walnut, 3rd left is Maplewood. We are the big yellow house on
the NW corner of Walnut and Maplewood.

COST: $4 MITCSC Members & Guests with puzzles
$6 MITCSC Non-Members & Guests with puzzles
$8 MITCSC Members & Guests w/o puzzles
$10 MITCSC Non-Members & Guests w/o puzzles

RSVP: You may pay at the door, but please try to contact me beforehand so
I can put you on the list. Please email, fax, or phone the following
info: Your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, FAX, EMAIL, and what you're bringing:

___ puzzle-bearing     members at $ 4 each: $___
___ puzzle-bearing non-members at $ 6 each: $___
___ puzzle-less        members at $ 8 each: $___
___ puzzle-less    non-members at $10 each: $___
___ <- total persons          total cost -> $___
   total number of puzzles being brought ___

SPONSOR: Michael B. Parker, MIT '89
email mbparker@cytex.com, 1-800-MBPARKER xLIVE, xPAGE, xFAXX

(This info is online! See http://www.cytex.com/~mitcsc/w96/w96-pzl4.htm)

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