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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Puzzle Party THIS SATURDAY, 7pm, Cal Tech
                              ? PUZZLE PARTY 5! ?

HEY, LA! PUZZLE PARTY 5 IS AT *CALTECH*!, and is hosted by the International
Puzzle Champion (and CalTech Junior) Wei-Wwa Huang! Wei-Hwa was recently
featured in the LA Times for leading the US Puzzle Team to victory in the
1996 International Puzzle Chapionships.

So show and share the brain teasers and mechanical puzzles you have, and the
mental games you know, and discover dozens of new ones, and new tricks! (Or,
if you're still puzzleless, *this is the place* to get clued in!) Plenty of
snacks, refreshments, and good conversation provided.

WHEN: Saturday, 1996 May 11, 7pm until the wee hours of the morning...

WHERE: Winnett Student Center, 1200 San Pasqual, Pasadena, CA

Caltech is located in a rectangle bordered on the north by Del Mar Blvd.,
south by California Blvd., west by Wilson Avenue, east by Hill Avenue.
Winnett is the small building right in the middle of campus. Parking
near Winnett is limited, so try to find a local parking space and walk
to Caltech. There is some parking near the northwest and southeast of
Caltech, but they can be quite full. Signs will be posted on and around
major entrances.

From 210 fwy: exit south on either:
(1) Hill Avenue: Caltech will be on your right after 2 to 3 miles; or
(2) Lake Avenue: Turn left on Del Mar after 2 miles, then right
on Wilson. Caltech will be on your left.
From 110 north: continue until in Pasadena. Turn right at California.
Caltech will be on your left after 3 miles.

COST:   $10 Non-MITCSC Members without puzzles
        $ 8     MITCSC Members without puzzles
        $ 6 Non-MITCSC Members with puzzles
        $ 4     MITCSC Members with puzzles
        Free  Caltech Students (with Student ID)
        [Hey, it's a condition of them letting us use the room...]

Please RSVP (with the number of puzzles you'll be bringing) so we know how
many people (and puzzles) to expect.

RSVP:   Mike Parker, MIT '89 - mbparker@cytex.com, 800-MBPARKER xLIVE, xFAXX
        (if you get lost, call 800-MBPARKER xLIVE -- will have cell phone)
HOST:   Wei-Hwa Huang, CIT '97 - whuang@cco.caltech.edu, 818-395-1599

PS: for the latest Puzzle Party updates,
just tune in to http://www.cytex.com/~mitcsc/

 Michael B. Parker, MIT '89
  CYTEX CORP. President                 http://www.cytex.com/~mbparker/
  email mbparker@cytex.com, direct voice 714-639-6436, fax 714-639-5381

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