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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: PUZZLE PARTY! in Orange County, CA; 1995 Apr. 29 (Sat) 7:00pm-

Dear puzzle lovers,

Presenting MIT Club of Southern California's...


At our first puzzle party in February, Parker's place was packed with
puzzlers of all sorts! Puzzling continued for hours, with the last
hard-core, half-crazed puzzlers quitting at 5AM. The party featured the
the puzzles and participation of the Master Puzzler himself, Mr. Jerry
Slocum, a UCLA alumnus who has authored three puzzle books and owns an
unmatched 20,000-piece private collection of puzzles. [Incidentally, on
May 9th and June 22nd, Jerry and his Puzzle Museum will be featured in
Start to Finish on the Discovery Channel.]

If you didn't have a chance to participate, you'll have another
opportunity at PUZZLE PARTY TWO. So, dig out your favorite brain teasers,
mental games, IQ tests, and mechanical puzzles. If you have a
puzzle-freak friend, bring him/her! Like the first party, this will be a
leisurely puzzling event with amusing problems as well as food, drink, and
conversation by the fireside. So grab your brain and some puzzles...
and see you there!

WHEN: Saturday, April 29th, 7pm until...

WHERE: In Orange, CA; RSVP as below for directions.

COST: For persons bringing puzzle(s), $4 for each MITCSC member and $6
for each non-member. For ``puzzle-less'' persons, $8 for each
member and $10 for each non-member.

RSVP: You may pay at the door, but first contact me so I'll know you are
coming and can give you directions. Please email, fax, or phone
in the following info: Your name, address, phone, fax, email,
and what you're bringing:

___ puzzle-bearing     members at $ 4 each: $___
___ puzzle-bearing non-members at $ 6 each: $___
___ puzzle-less        members at $ 8 each: $___
___ puzzle-less    non-members at $10 each: $___
___ <- total persons          total cost -> $___
   total number of puzzles being brought ___

Michael B. Parker, MIT '89

email mbparker@mit.edu or mbparker@cytex.com
1-800-MBPARKER(627-2753) xLIVE(5483) MESG(6374) PAGE(7243) FAXX(3299)
live 714-639-6436, mesg pager 714-413-2090, fax 714-639-5381

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