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[next] ~~~ [up] From: Michael Benjamin Parker <mbparker@share.mbparker.slip.netcom.com >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: PUZZLE PARTY! in Orange County, CA; 1995 Feb. 18th (Sat) 7:00pm-

Dear Cube-Lovers,

One of your members Jerry Slocum mentioned you might be interested in this
event. If you're in the area this weekend, you're welcome to come to the
puzzle party of the MIT Club of S. California...


Like to play games? Need some new challenges? What some intellectual
stimulation different from your day-to-day routine? Then gather together your
favorite brain teasers, mental games, IQ tests, & mechanical puzzles, and come
to the PUZZLE PARTY! -- a ``puzzle-potluck'' to bring and share your favorite
puzzles. We will re-energize our brains as we attempt to decipher the puzzles
of our fellow Southern Cal. friends. Show off your puzzle collection --or
your puzzle-solving wizardry. Discover new puzzles and new friends. Fill
your mind with amusing problems and good conversation as we sit by the
fireside. Plenty of snacks and refreshments provided.

WHEN: Saturday, February 18th, 7pm until...

WHERE: 506 N. Maplewood, Orange, CA 92666 (Near 55 and 22 freeways), phone
800-MBPARKER xLIVE. From 55 fwy, exit west on Chapman Ave., 1st light
turn right (north) on Tustin, 2nd light turn left (west) on Walnut,
3rd right is Maplewood: I'm the big yellow house at the corner of
Walnut and Maplewood. Use the Maplewood-side entrance.

COST: For persons bringing puzzle(s), $4 for each MITCSC member and $6 for
each non-member. For ``puzzle-less'' persons, $8 for each member and
$10 for each non-member.

RSVP: You may pay at the door, but please let me know you are coming if
possible. Please email, fax, or phone in the following info:
your name, address, phone, fax, email, and what you're bringing:

___ puzzle-bearing     members at $ 4 each: $___
___ puzzle-bearing non-members at $ 6 each: $___
___ puzzle-less        members at $ 8 each: $___
___ puzzle-less    non-members at $10 each: $___
___ <- total persons          total cost -> $___
   total number of puzzles being brought ___

See you there!

Michael B. Parker, MIT '89

PERMANENT CONTACT INFO (always forwards to my current address):
 721 E. Walnut Ave., Orange, CA 92667-6833 USA; mbparker@mit.edu (NeXTmail ok)
 800-MBPARKER (800-627-2753) ext: LIVE (5483), MESG (6374), and FAXX (3299)

CURRENT ADDRESS (modified 2/6/95):
 Orange, CA; live 714-639-6436, fax 714-639-5381, vmail pager 714-413-2090.

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