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David Litwin writes:

"The Official Thermodynamics Fan Club of the UK." writes:
> p.s. I'm sure this is a common question, but I have many 3x3x3, and one
> 5x5x5, can I still get a 4x4x4 anywhere? would anyone consider selling one
> to me?

The last time I bought one was in 1993 in Tokyo (at Tokyu Hands
department store). I'll be visiting again soon and will check to see if
they still have any. This is the only place I've been able to find them,

Seibu and Hakuhinkan used to have them too. But the distributor took them
off the market last year and they are no longer available. (This is 4x4x4.)

The 5x5x5 is more widely available, try:
Peter Beck
Dr. Christoph Bandelow
An der Wabeck 37
58456 Witten

Indeed Dr. Bandelow is the designer and source of much of this stuff.
Ask for his catalog, which is in English.

The best puzzle store now in Tokyo is Moebius, between Ichigaya and Kudanshita
subway stations. They have one 5x5x5 in stock at the moment, though it
traversed through Taiwan on its way here. They also just got in a bunch of
stuff from Jean-Claude Constantin (but unfortunately no more transformations
of Rubik-style shapes).

-- Norman Diamond diamond@jrdv04.enet.dec-j.co.jp
[Speaking for Norman Diamond not for Digital.]

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