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I have a complaint to make about the way mr. Allan Bawden treats cube
1)Alot of people are not sure how to join a group when they start out to
join one. In fact in most cases the people are new to the Internet , and
in order to learn how to do things in the famous net , they can join a news
group .
(I am not sugesting that joining a news group teaches them about the
internet but its one of the things they can do)
2)Now if Mr Allan responds to their mistakes very rudly ,e.g

On Mon, 8 May 1995, Alan Bawden wrote:

Date: Mon, 8 May 95 09:11:57 DST
From: Frank=Lindgreen%DATLING%HHASPR@lng.hha.dk
Subject: unsubscribe
To: CUBE-LOVERS@life.ai.mit.edu


For crying out loud, do -not- send administrative requests to the -entire-
mailing list. You're the third idiot to make this mistake recently, so I
guess I really do have to bother everybody myself with a reminder.

3)"you're the third idiot--" etc I mean one gets quite upset about the
whole thing and one begins to question if it's worth it joining the news
group if they are so rude.
I can assure you it's a good thing we communicate by computer, because a
lot of harm might have been caused on the person of Mr. Allan were he
speaking straight to a person---I'm sure he does'nt speak that way to
anyone (even to his kids should he be married with children)
4)I sugest Mr. Allan be firm but polite . It's best to keep the
correspondence bussness - like. In that way we still remain friends ,and
quite understand what is expected of us to do.


5) It sounds like Mr. Allan thinks that the qube member doesn't think.
For people interested in cubing thats an insult. We think of ourselves as
people who can think --on an overage better than most people.

you wanted to stop your
subscription to a
> magazine, would you send postal mail to -all- of the other subscribers?
> Send all administrative requests to:
> Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.MIT.EDU
> Everybody got that?

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