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Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 15:33:12 -0200 (GMT-0200)
From: Patrick <patrick@athos.med.auth.gr>

I have a complaint to make about the way mr. Allan Bawden treats cube
1)Alot of people are not sure how to join a group when they start out to
join one.

Alan's complaint is not about people who are trying to join; they might
legitimately be confused about how to go about it. However, to prevent
the sort of idiocy that he's complaining about, he sends each new member
of the list a "welcome" message that, among other things, says something
like "Please SAVE this message so you will know how to unsubscribe when
you later decide to do so."

If you fail to read his polite-but-firm message and proceed to do exactly
what he warns you not to do, you must expect him to get legitimately angry.

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