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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: New RECREATIONS IN MATH editions - Rubik's Cubic Compendium

Rubik's Cubic Compendium, by Erno Rubik, Tamas Varga, Gerzon Keri,
Gyorgy Marx, and tamas Vekerdy. 200pp; 142 illust., 61 color -
OUP#853202-4, list price $26.95.
--> YES ITS AVAILABLE!! I have ordered some copies, and when I
receive them I will write a first hand review. <--

Hype from OUP copy,
> This book co-written by the cube's inventor, and serves as a
> comprehensive guide to the cube for both the puzzler and the
> mathematician. The book reveals the wealth of fascinating
> concealed within the cube's apparently simple operation, and even
> who have solved the cube will discover a vast number of new ideas
> possibilities.

The Oxford U Press Rec Math series (series editor David Singmaster) to
date is:
#1 "Mathematical byways ..." by Hugh ApSimon.
#2: Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire.
#3: Rubik's Cubic Compendium, by Rubik, et al.
#4 Sliding Piece Puzzles (Hordern).

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