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POB 573
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607

Alexandria Bay is in the Thousand Islands region near where I-81
crosses into Canada.

Mazeland Gardens is an entertainment center (the property was formerly
a miniature golf course) of mazes. It has 2 mazes that are
constructed with arborvitae hedges, one a 1/2 acre in size and the
other a full acre. In addition it has 2 mazes that are constructed
with stakes and colored tape to mark the walls.

I went without kids and had fun. The families with kids looked like
they were having a good time. If you are in the area you might want
to give it a try.

PS The fellow working the desk said that there is are 2 other mazes
on the east coast that he is aware of:
one is in North Carolina somewhere and the other is in Daytona beach

Pete Beck

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