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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: smart alex - new puzzle

SMART ALEX about $14 retail

from  2 MCH FUN
          777-108th Avenue N.E. #2340
          Bellevue, WA  98004

purchase source
           MIKE GREEN
           24843 144th Place S.E.
           KENT, WA  98042


from myself

DESCRIPTION: This puzzle is similar to the Hungarian puzzle UFO but a
little more complex. The puzzle has a cube at its center which is
cut in half and these two pieces can rotate with respect to each
other. In the plane of this cut there are four hubs that can rotate,
2 on the x-axis and 2 on the y-axis. These hubs have a hexagonal
cross section and are divided into six equilateral pie shaped wedges.
By rotating the hubs and then by rotating the center cube 3 hub
pieces on each axle are moved at a time.

The hub pieces have 2 colors each one perpendicular to the axis and
the other on its edge. There are 2 wedges with the same coloring.
The center cube is also colored. The object is to arrange the hub
pieces so that the edge pieces align with the center cube and that the
perpendicular sides are solid colored and aligned.

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