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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: ultimate cube, correction

ULTIMATE CUBE - sorry for my past misinformation this time I will try
and describe it by observation.

The cube is covered with 24 (4 to a face) 45, 45, 90 deg triangles.
These triangles have there hypotenuse along the edge of the cube and
their 90 deg apex at the center of the center cubie.

Each opposite face has the same coloring except that the rotation of
the colors is opposite. For example if the front face has a green,
orange, yellow and red triangle in clockwise order then in order for
the rear face to correspond it has a color rotation that is counter

The coloring scheme is that the top and bottom triangles on the side
faces (ie, front, right, left, back) are the same. Six colors (
green, orange, yellow , red for the front and rear, and green,
white,yellow,blue for the sides and white, orange, blue, red for the
top and bottom) are used and there are 4 triangles of each color.

I think this is an accurate description, if there are questions please
ask I have my cube at my desk.

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