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I received amil from meffert yesterday, 1/22/87. He says "he will be releasing
later this year the 'I.Q. DIE" ( which is the Skewb with Die markings on the
corner pieces), and a GAME called 'KING/ACE (which uses the Pyraminx tetrahedron
dercorated in the 4 card suits and truncated by removing the four apexes. The
game is similar to black jack. They are available for US$25 each including
registered airmail postage. He also has standard Skewbs available for US$16.

The mailing included a 2-sided glossy color flyer with pictures of various
puzzles. The ones new to me are: The Crystal Ball - it looks like a
Babylonian Tower on a sphere with the capablity to move groups of balls at one
time; Space Grenade - a cylindrical version of the crystal ball.


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