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RE: New versions of MAGIC

1. The 2/14/87 edition of the "Toy & Hobby World's Show (ie, the NY Toy Show)
Daily" announced the planned 1987 additions to the MAGIC line. It said "Rubik's
MAgic puzzle, which debuted in October, 1986, is updated with a Masters Edition
puzzle, Unlink The Rings, featuring 12 panels and multi-color, multi-graphic
designs on a silvery Mylar-foil background.

Rubik's Magic Strategy Game features the colors of the original puzzle in a
tic-tac-toe game; the difference is that the pieces are colored black on one
side and silver on the other, and players can flip opponents' pieces before
making a move."

2. As previously noted on this board it is fairly simple to make your own 12
piece MAGIC. I am using MAcDraw to experiment with graphic patterns. I have
not decided on which graphic(s) I like best yet.

3. As an aside there are "CLONES" of MAGIC around and Matchbox is prosecuting.
I am not aware of exactly what is protected so using a different number of
squares or different graphics might be legal.



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