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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Re: 4 x 4 x 4 = C^4

I have also been using the tools described by Richard Pavelle as S to
do things to edges on the C^4. However, there is nothing
that I have found that will flip to edges in place (that is, two
halves of a C^3).

Also, for aligning centers, I have been doing it AFTER edges.
The tools I use do not really map into C^3, and I have not
yet mastered them to the point wwhere I can finish them off. I
sit and stare at the damn thing a lot. This behavior was
considered strange even at the science fiction convention
that I attended this weekend.

Speaking of strange, what kind of reactions have people
been getting from folks who see one for the first time? I have
gotten the equivalent of double-takes from ones who do notice a difference.
Most, however, tend to say "Oh, I have a friend who can do that in
X minutes/seconds", in which case you know that they never learned
(or probably even played) to solve.

- Ron

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