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Has any analysis of speed cubing been performed in the sense of how
many twists were performed? How many twists does somebody accomplish
in under 45 seconds or in 22.95 seconds?

I too had wondered this... and in what way was the solved cube
'scrambled' for most of you cubists know that all scrambling is not
equal... I have found some of my quickest times involved arriving at the
solution much sooner than expected by not needing to perform some
auxiliary, but essential and long routines.... Could these world record
times have been accomplished with random scrambling..... I have always
pondered how fast I would have completed the cube if I was handed the
'same' cube that Minh 'flew' on.... A move count would be very
interesting indeed....

With the right equipment and a good copy of the world record video
tape... it may be conceivable to actually count the moves....

In the Hey day of cubing, during a younger version myself, I also found
by making a good guess at which way to solve the cube (ie.. Top to bottom
top, bottom, then middle) I could easily cut a few seconds off my S.T.
(solution time)... but I can't for the life of me remember the

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