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I have been able to solve the Cube in under a minute... but that was
years ago when my reflexes and memory was better in Junior High... now I
pull the old cube out for limbering the fingers... and seeing how much I
remember the solutions... now they are so ingrained in me... I no longer
remember them as separate moves.... but a conglomeration of twists and

the book --the title I can't remember-- I originally learned from, showed
the solution as a TOP to BOTTOM approach... doing the first top layer...
then the center edges... and then completing the last layer... I noticed
then Mihn used the top, bottom, middle approach... when he won the
World's Cube solving championship on the show 'THAT"S INCREDIBLE', which
was also advocated by the solution book that was available from the
address that was included with the original cubes...

so then I was able to solve it either way... finding the latter approach
a little faster... now the Revenge I can solve in about 5 minutes...
maybe quicker, but I never really bothered to accurately time myself... I
only learned the one way to solve the 4x4x4 cube... from Mihn's book.

Now since I joined this mailing list I have been inundated with all these
algorithms.... how do I translate them? Being a neophyte to cube
'theory' its pretty frustrating trying to figure out what all the letters
and numbers mean... and what they are trying to achieve....

can anyone help?

thanks in advance...

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