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My new puzzles are out again. Here's a brief description:
Mball and Mlink puzzles now draw sectors faster.
All puzzles have a corrected random number generator for 64 bit
Border color around tiles/pieces makes it look more realistic.
g (& G) for get of old saved configuration (not e).
Many other cosmetic changes in the code. I am getting it in sync
with MSWindows code (winpuzz).

I hope I don't regret announcing this: :)
I am busy porting them to MSWindows. So far I only ported one, "xcubes".
I think the rest will be easier now that I have my X-Window-System code
in sync. I am looking for anyone with MSWindows AND C experience to Beta
test and give me some pointers. (If I could get a small team that would
be great!) The executable AND source for MSWindows, when completed will
be freely redistributable and maintained (as far as I am able to). So
far, I am only using windows.h (3.1) to maximize portablity and compiler

/X\ David A. Bagley
// \\ bagleyd@perry.njit.edu
(( X xlockmore, new stuff for xlock @ ftp.x.org//contrib/applications
\\ // altris, tetris games for x @ ftp.x.org//contrib/games/altris
\X/ puzzles, magic cubes for x @ ftp.x.org//contrib/games/puzzles

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