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My new X-Windows puzzles are out again. Here's a brief description:
Puzzles now can change size dynamically. Puzzles for the most
part have no maximum size. For example, you can have a 10x10x10
Rubik's cube.
Saved format has changed on most puzzles, should be more
Drag and drop on a face to move pieces now works on all puzzles.
Lesstif-0.36 works OK with all puzzles. Lesstif still has many
bugs but I have only seen cosmetic and bugs with radio buttons and
sliders using the puzzles.
Lots of minor bug fixes and minor improvements.

MS Windows, port in progress, E-Mail author if interested
They are still free and source code is still included. :)
The best puzzles will be converted last, since they are more complicated.
(xabacus -> wabacus: port complete (not a puzzle))
xcubes -> wcubes: port complete
xtriangles -> wtriangl: port in progress

/X\ David A. Bagley
// \\ bagleyd@hertz.njit.edu
(( X xlockmore, new stuff for xlock @ ftp.x.org//contrib/applications
\\ // altris, tetris games for x @ ftp.x.org//contrib/games/altris
\X/ puzzles, magic cubes for x @ ftp.x.org//contrib/games/puzzles

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