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~~~ [prev] [up] From: bagleyd <bagleyd@hertz.njit.edu >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: simple windows3.1 puzzles

I finally got around to making a web page


In it you will find Simple Windows3.1 puzzles. The more complicated
ones are still in development. The best of the bunch is wmlink, which
is a Missing Link puzzle.

/X\ David A. Bagley
// \\ bagleyd@hertz.njit.edu http://hertz.njit.edu/~bagleyd/
(( X xlockmore, new stuff for xlock @ ftp.x.org//contrib/applications
\\ // altris, tetris games for x @ ftp.x.org//contrib/games/altris
\X/ puzzles, magic cubes for x @ ftp.x.org//contrib/games/puzzles

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