Play Collect Four (Vier gewinnt)

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Play this game until one player has won by collecting four letters in a row, column or a diagonal. You start and have X, the computer has O. You have about 60 seconds per move, afterwards a new game is returned.

If you win and want to give a talk during the Nikolaus Conference 2004, you get five extra minutes for your talk (if you want).


It was proven by L. Victor Allis that Connect Four can always be won by the player who has the first move. So, this game is very fair for you!

The web server for this page uses a background program which can play Collect Four perfectly, based on the result mentioned above. The code is a slight modification of the C-program Velena, which can be found here, together with further information and links to the theoretical background. The interface on this page is written by me (without java or javascript, even working in lynx or w3m).

In the first 6 weeks this page was online about 900 games were played and only 5 won by the "human" player (at least 2 of these 5 games were actually played by Velena using another Collect Four page on the internet).