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Final Program

All talks were given in the Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55: On Friday (including the "Graduiertenkolleg" talk) in Hörsaal IV and on Saturday in Hörsaal III.

Note that none of the speakers has won extra minutes from the conference game.

Friday, December 10, 2004

2.00-2.23pm Jon Thackray (Cambridge): The 2-modular representations of Conway's group Co1, some work in progress
2.26-2.43pm Olivier Brunat (Lyon): On the characters of the Suzuki and Ree group
coffee and discussion       
(from 3.15-4.15pm there is a talk in the "Graduiertenkolleg" by
Julia Hartmann with title Differential Galois groups) [Abstract]
4.31-4.52pm Magdolna Szőke (Budapest): Computing decompositions of modules over finite dimensional algebras
5.00-5.19pm Heiko Dietrich (Braunschweig): On the groups of cube-free order
5.26-5.48pm Max Neunhöffer (Aachen): Generalized sifting
7.00pm-?? Research Cambridge Style! (in the Greek restaurant AGORA, Gerlachstr. 20-22)

Saturday, December 11, 2004

10.02-10.22amStefan Kohl (Stuttgart): On the structure of the group of all residue class-wise affine permutations of the integers
10.30-10.53amJanka Pilnikova (Linz): Rational parametrization of del Pezzo surfaces of degree 9
11.01-11.26amJürgen Müller (Jena): Moduli spaces and modular invariants
11.31-11.48amJean-Baptiste Gramain (Lyon): Generalized perfect isometries in some groups of Lie rank one
lunch break
1.52-2.14pmWillem de Graaf (Linz): Constructing finitely-presented Lie rings
2.21-2.42pmColva M. Roney-Dougal (St Andrews): The primitive groups of degree less than 2500
2.50-3.11pmSimon Nickerson (Birmingham): Semi-presentations for sporadic simple groups
coffee break
4.35-4.55pmBeth Holmes (Birmingham): Subgroup coverings of groups
5.00-5.25pmMax Horn (Darmstadt): Computations with geometric amalgams
5.30-5.50pmJohn Bray (London): Good bases for lattices
7.00pm-?? Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth")

Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.                  Frank Lübeck

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