Registration for Darstellungtheorietage and Nikolaus 2005

If possible, please, register until November 25, 2005. Otherwise it will be more difficult for us to find a reasonably priced room for you.

You can use this form to register for the Darstellungtheorietage and the Nikolaus conference 2005. Alternatively, you can write an email to Frank.Luebeck@Math.RWTH-Aachen.De which contains essentially the same information.

First name:

Last name:

Email (you can leave it out if it is "well known" to the organizer):

Arrival, departure and accomodation. Note that the talks will start on Thursday, December 8, 2005, about 2pm. The last talk finishes Saturday, December 10, 2005, about 6pm. Saturday evening we will schedule the usual Research Cambridge Style session, so that probably many participants will stay for Saturday night and leave on Sunday morning.
Please, give here your planned arrival and departure times and a note if you want us to reserve accomodation for you. (Just say "standard", if you arrive on Thursday before the first talk, leave Sunday morning and want us to reserve a room for three nights.)

We plan a conference dinner on Thursday evening in some restaurant. Please, indicate if you would like to attend.

It would be particularly welcome if you offered to give a talk with this registration. In this case, please, give a title and maybe a short abstract. Specify your preference to schedule your talk for the Darstellungstheorie part (until Friday noon) or the Nikolaus part of the meeting. Also, tell me the time you would like to have for your talk (at most 50 minutes for the Darstellungstheorie part and 20 minutes for the Nikolaus part).

We have a small amount of money for travel/accomodation expenses of Nikolaus participants.

In case (and only in this case, please) you don't have any possibility to get some financial support from your home institution or other sources you may indicate here a rough estimate of an amount that would cover your travel ticket and/or accomodation.

Do you have further questions or remarks? Please, add them here.