Final Program of Darstellungstheorietage and Nikolaus 2005


All talks were in the Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55: On Friday morning in Hörsaal III and all the others in Hörsaal IV. Coffee breaks were at Lehrstuhl D, Templergraben 64, 2nd floor.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

1.31-2.00pm Steffen Oppermann (Köln): Auslander-Reiten theory of representation-directed Artinian rings (abstract)
2.10-2.31pm Mark Stather (Warwick): Constructing and conjugating the Sylow p-subgroups of the classical groups (abstract)
  coffee break
3.30-4.22pm Richard Dipper (Stuttgart): Rank polynomials and Specht modules for general linear groups (abstract)
4.30-5.04pm Friederike Stoll (Stuttgart): Oriented tangles and the mixed tensor representation (abstract)
5.11-5.32pm Daniel Juteau (Paris): Springer correspondance modulo l (abstract, slides (pdf))
5.42-5.59pm Richard Parker (Cambridge): High-performance meat-axe (abstract)
7.30pm-??1 Conference Dinner (in ``Limburger Hof'', Templergraben 42)

Friday, December 9, 2005

8.40-9.20am Gunter Malle (Kaiserslautern): Heights of characters in groups of Lie type (abstract)
9.40-10.01am Britta Späth (Kaiserslautern): Characters of tori and their extensions
10.15-10.55am2 Michael Cuntz (Kaiserslautern): Based rings and Fourier transform matrices (abstract)
11.05-11.23am Jean-Baptiste Gramain (Aberdeen): Blocks of unipotent characters in the finite general linear group (abstract, slides)
11.36-12.01am Harald Meyer (Bayreuth): On a subalgebra of the centre of a group ring II (abstract)
  lunch break
1.52-2.15pm Marcus Bishop (Lausanne): Group cohomology and Massey products in GAP (abstract)
2.25-2.43pm Dörte Feichtenschlager (Braunschweig): On CF space groups of a given coclass (abstract)
  coffee and discussion (approx. 3.15-4.15pm talk in ``Graduiertenkolleg'')
4.30-4.50pm Andreas Distler (Braunschweig): Solving a polynomial equation by radical
4.59-5.17pm Jean Michel (Paris): Hurwitz action on tuples of Euclidean reflections (article)
5.30-5.47pm Henrik Bäärnhielm (London): Computing with some exceptional groups
  (no ``official'' evening program)

Saturday, December 11, 2004

10.01-10.21am Stefan Kohl (Stuttgart): On a class of infinite permutation groups (abstract, slides (pdf))
10.30-10.45am Michael Claßen-Houben (Aachen): Unipotent characters in GAP character tables of finite groups of Lie type
11.00-11.14am Sarah Scherotzke (Aachen): Structure of finite-dimensional Hopf algebras
11.30-11.50am Jürgen Klüners (Kassel): Generating subfields (abstract)
  lunch break
2.13-2.29pm Janka Pílniková (Linz): Splitting central simple algebras of degree 4 (abstract, slides (pdf))
2.41-3.04pm2 Willem de Graaf (Trento): Classification of 6-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras over fields of characteristic not 2 (abstract, preprint)
3.13-3.35pm Jürgen Müller (Siegen): On p-groups forming Brauer pairs (abstract)
  coffee break
4.30-4.50pm Colva M. Roney-Dougal (St Andrews): Identifying geometries preserved by matrix groups
5.00-5.25pm Björn Assmann (St Andrews): Algorithmic use of the Mal'cev correspondence (abstract, preprint)
5.30-5.52pm2 John Bray (London): Symmetric presentations of some Leech lattice groups
7.00pm-??1 Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth''!)

Anyone was welcome to attend the talks!

(Final version, Mon, 12 Dec 2005 11:21:27 +0100)

1 Come next year to see yourself!

2 Solved Nikolaus game and was allowed to speak five minutes over the scheduled time.