Final Program for Nikolaus 2006


All talks were given in the Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55, the first two talks in Hörsaal II and the remaining ones in Hörsaal I.
Friday, December 8, 2006
1.53-2.15pm* Richard Parker (Cambridge): Short Theorems with Long Proofs in Finitely Presented Groups (slides as PDF-file (from Powerpoint presentation))
2.20-2.40pm Alla Detinko (Galway): Algorithms for Matrix Groups over Infinite Domains
coffee and discussion       
(from 3.15-4.15pm there was a talk in the "Graduiertenkolleg" by
Daniel Robertz with title Constructing Matrix Representations of Finitely Presented Groups using Janet Bases)
4.31-4.51pm Evija Ribnere (Düsseldorf): Engel Length versus Nilpotency Class for Nilpotent Groups
5.00-5.18pm Tara Bonda (Auckland): On Lie Algebras of Cartan Type in Characteristic 2
5.40-5.58pm Christian Greve (Braunschweig): On the Classification of 2-adic Space Groups by Coclass (slides as PDF-file)
7.00pm-?? Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Bärenhof", Templergraben 1)
Saturday, December 9, 2006
10.00-10.21amSebastian Hage (Göttingen): A Borsuk-Ulam-Type Theorem for Fundamental Correspondences
10.30-10.56am*Daniel Juteau (Paris): The Cohomology of the Minimal Class (slides as PDF-file)
11.02-11.18amJérémie Guilhot (Lyon/Aberdeen): Affine Weyl Groups and Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells with Unequal Parameters
11.30-11.50amJean Michel (Paris): Galois Automorphisms of Complex Reflection Groups (slides as PDF-file)
lunch break
1.50-2.08pmWillem de Graaf (Trento): Constructing the Algebraic Group with a Given Lie Algebra
2.20-2.45pm*Götz Pfeiffer (Galway): ZigZag - A GAP3 Package for computing in Descent Algebras (slides as PDF-file)
2.55-3.12pmAlexander Konovalov (Zaporozhye/Brussels): Computations in subgroups of finite index in SL2(Z) (slides as PDF-file)
3.20-3.40pmHarald Meyer (Bayreuth): Primitive Central Idempotents of Finite Group Rings of Symmetric Groups (slides as PDF-file)
coffee break
4.50-5.08pmSusanne Danz (Jena): Computing Vertices of Simple Modules in Symmetric Groups
5.20-5.39pmJean-Baptiste Gramain (Aberdeen): Broué's Conjecture for l-blocks of the Symmetric Group (slides as PDF-file)
5.50-6.13pm*John Bray (London): Non-Split Extensions of Some Unitary Groups (slides as PDF-file)
7.00pm-?? Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth")

Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.   Frank Lübeck

*) These speakers have solved the conference puzzle and were allowed to talk 5 minutes longer than scheduled.
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