Nikolaus Conference 2010


Final Program
(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)
The first talks on Friday were in Hörsaal Fo6 (Kármán Auditorium). The talks on Friday after the coffee break were given in the Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55, Hörsaal IV. And all talks on Saturday were also in the Hauptgebäude, but in Hörsaal III. Meeting point and coffee breaks were at Lehrstuhl D, Templergraben 64.
Friday, December 10, 2010
2.00-2.26pm Tara Brough* (Kiel): Soluble Poly-Context-Free Groups
2.30-2.49pm Richard Parker (Cambridge): Parole Groups-a Generalization of Free Groups (slides)
coffee and discussion       
4.40-5.00pm Jérémie Guilhot (East Anglia): Affine Cellularity of Affine Hecke Algebra of Rank 2
5.10-5.32pm Ivan Marin (Paris): An Almost-Collapsing Cubic Hecke Algebra
5.40-6.01pmGunter Malle (Kaiserslautern): The Largest Irreducible Representations of Simple Groups (preprint)
7.00pm-??× Research Cambridge Style! (in the restaurant Viet, Schildstraße 2)
Saturday, December 11, 2010
10.02-10.18amDavid Husert (Paderborn): Integral Similarity of Rational Matrices (slides)
10.30-10.49amTorsten Hoge (Bochum): Computation of the Ring of Invariants of Triples of 3×3-Matrices (slides)
11.01-11.21amNicolas M. Thiéry (Paris): Sage-Combinat: Sharing (Algebraic) Combinatorics Since 2000 (wiki)
11.30-11.50amFelix Effenberger and Jonathan Spreer (Stuttgart): simpcomp - A GAP Toolbox for Simplicial Complexes (ext.abstract) (webpage)
lunch break
1.34-1.51pm Matthew Clarke* (Cambridge): Computing Nilpotent and Unipotent Canonical Forms: a Symmetric Approach (preprint)
2.10-2.32pm Michael Cuntz* (Kaiserslautern): Crystallographic Arrangements are Inductively Free (webpage) (slides)
2.40-3.02pm Jay Taylor (Aberdeen/Aachen): Unipotent Supports in Finite Reductive Groups (notes)
3.07-3.29pm Thanh Tung Vo (Jena): The Computation of Steenrod Operations on mod-p Cohomology Rings of Finite Groups
coffee and discussion       
4.41-5.01pmLukas Maas (Essen): Decomposition Matrices for Spin Characters of Symmetric and Alternating Groups (slides)
5.10-5.26pmBenjamin Sambale (Jena): Cartan Matrices and Brauer's k(B)-Conjecture (slides)
5.40-5.59pm Jørn B. Olsson (Copenhagen): Generalized Hook Lengths in Symbols and Partitions (slides)
7.00pm-??× Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth")
Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.   Frank Lübeck
(* have solved Nikolaus game)
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