Speaker: Mikael Cavallin (Lausanne)

Title: On Weight Multiplicities in Irreducible Lie Algebra Representations


Let \(\mathfrak{g}\) be a semisimple Lie algebra over \(\mathbb{C}\) and let \(V=L(\lambda)\) be an irreducible finite-dimensional \(\mathfrak{g}\)-module having highest weight \(\lambda=\sum_{r=1}^{l}{a_r\lambda_r}\in \Lambda^+.\) Computations of weight multiplicities in \(V,\) usually based on Freudenthal's formula, are in general difficult to carry out in large ranks or for \(\lambda\) with large coefficients \(a_r.\) In this talk, we first show that in some situations, these coefficients can be "lowered" in order to simplify the calculations. We then investigate how this can be used to improve the aforementioned formula of Freudenthal, leading to a more efficient version of the latter in terms of complexity as well as a way of dealing with certain computations in unbounded ranks.