Final Program
(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)
All talks were in Pontdriesch 14/16 in Hörsaal SeMath (008). Meeting point and coffee breaks were at Lehrstuhl D, first floor (German counting) in the same building.
Friday, December 11, 2015
2.00-2.18pm Oliver Goodbourn (Bochum): Reductive Pairs from Representations of SL2
2.30-2.50pm Niamh Farrell (London): Rationality of Blocks of Quasi-Simple Finite Groups
coffee and discussion       
4.40-5.01pm Alessandro Paolini (Birmingham): Construction of Characters of Sylow p-Subgroups of Finite Groups of Lie Type
5.10-5.32pm Kay Magaard (Birmingham) Quasisimple Overgroups of Quasisimple Irreducible Subgroups of Classical Groups
5.40-5.58Mikael Cavallin (Lausanne): On Weight Multiplicities in Irreducible Lie Algebra Representations [Slides]
7.00pm-?? Research Cambridge Style! (in the restaurant Pontgarten, Pontstraße 154)
Saturday, December 12, 2015
10.00-10.18amSadek Alharbat (Paris): Full Commutativity and Injectivity of Towers of [C\tilde]-Type Structures
10.30-10.51amRonan Egan (Galway): On Linear Shift Representations [Slides]
11:00-11:03amAdvertisements for a special semester at CIB Lausanne (Gunter Malle) and the Grüppchen in Halle (Rebecca Waldecker)
11.03-11.23amPaul Muecksch (Hannover): Recursively Free Reflection Arrangements
11.30-11.51amThomas Gobet (Kaiserslautern): On the Transitivity of the Hurwitz Action in Finite Coxeter Groups
lunch break
2.00-2.23pm Imke Toborg (Halle): Tabor Groups [Slides]
2.30-2.50pm Tobias Rossmann (Bielefeld): Computing Zeta Functions of Groups, Algebras, and Modules
3.00-3.18pm Ann Kiefer (Brussels/Bielefeld): Generators for Discrete Subgroups of 2-by-2 Matrices over Rational Clifford Groups
coffee and discussion       
4.41-5.00pmNeil Saunders (Lausanne): An Algorithm for Computing the Minimal Permutation Degree of a Finite Nilpotent Group
5.10-5.26pmBrendon Masterson (Galway): On the Table of Marks of a Direct Product of Finite Groups
5.41-6.05pm Trevor Welsh (Aberdeen): Practical Physical Bases from Invariants and Graphs
7.00pm-?? Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth", of course)
Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.   Frank Lübeck
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