Summer school: Symmetry, Invariants, Reduction

The central topic of this summer school (and the following workshop) is the interrelation between algebraic concepts
(in particular invariant theory) and dynamical systems with nontrivial symmetry groups.
Symmetries of dynamical systems may influence the qualitative behavior of solutions. Invariants are useful e.g. for the
reduction of symmetric ordinary differential equations. Recently, concepts from the theory of dynamical systems
have also turned out to be useful for invariant theory.

The summer school is designed to be of interest for (young) researchers in algebra as well as in dynamical systems.
Few prerequisites will be assumed. In early summer a short summary of the necessary essential knowledge will be posted on this site.

The principal target group consists of advanced PhD students and postdocs.

The program of the summer school consists of lecture series by the three main speakers and problem sessions.

Moreover, there will be time for individual discussions during the breaks and in the evenings.

Main lecturers


Schedule: Schedule of summer school


Monday, August 29, 2016 (arrival day) to Friday, September 2, 2016 (departure day).

The lectures start on Monday, around noon, and end on Friday, around noon.


The summer school will be at Franz-Dohrmann-Haus in Marienheide (near Gummersbach).


On Saturday, September 3, there will be a more specialized workshop with some advanced lectures, at RWTH Aachen.

Program of Workshop


There are no computers at Franz-Dohrmann-Haus. So if you own a (private) notebook, please bring it to the summer school.

Leisure time activities

The conference venue offers a number of recreational facilities, such as (ninepin) bowling, table tennis and volleyball. If you'd like to go bowling, please bring appropriate shoes.