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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 17:39:20 PST
From: Don.Woods@eng.sun.com (Don Woods)
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Is this the reason why Rubik has gone into hiding? I haven't seen any
puzzle from him after this set of 4 released in 1990/1991.

Hm, didn't "Square-1" come out later than the Tangles?

Did Rubik have anything to do with Square-1?

In any case, it's a great puzzle, and I recommend it to anyone on the
list who hasn't tried it. While there's a group structure lurking here
as usual, this is the only puzzle I've seen where the set of
attainable positions is not a subgroup. This means lots of the usual
ways of thinking about puzzles like this (e.g. conjugation) don't
always work, which makes it quite challenging.

Andy Latto

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