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On Thu, 16 Dec 1993 Dik.Winter@cwi.nl wrote:

Square-1 is not by Rubik. But he came this year with two new puzzles (at
least, they are in his name). Rubik's Maze and Rubik's Hat.

In the first there are 6 connected cubes with a black/yellow pattern on
them. The cubes can turn around each other fairly freely. The purpose
is to get a 1x2x3 where there is a single black continuous line along
the cubes. Not very difficult, interesting.

Rubik's Hat is in the form of a hat with six rings on it. You can look
trough it (and through the rings by implication). By turning rings you
see more or less rabbits. The purpose is to see a rabbit in every position.
I think the puzzle is based on light polarization, with different
polarizations coming through the segments of the rings.
dik t. winter, cwi, kruislaan 413, 1098 sj amsterdam, nederland
home: bovenover 215, 1025 jn amsterdam, nederland; e-mail: dik@cwi.nl

Where can we get these puzzles from? Do you know of anyone who can take
credit card orders and mail?

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