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[next] [prev] [up] From: Mr Anand Rao <anandrao@hk.super.net >
[next] [prev] [up] Subject: Re: Description of Tangle, Part 2

> I've modified my program to try the 10x10, but indeed, it's taking a long
> time. (Current estimate is it will take over a year to finish.) I suspect
> that fact that pieces aren't "used up" as fast -- i.e., since there's at
> least four of any given piece, there will usually be at least one of whatever
> you're looking for for quite a ways down the search tree -- makes this
> approach intractible.
True. The 5*5 puzzle search truncates much faster because you run out of
pieces that could fit into a specific slot. The same does not apply to the
10*10 one.
Has anyone tried to solve the 10*10 for just 1 colour. That leaves you
with only 4 tile types with 24,25 or 26 of each type. The solution may
give some indication of the resultant pattern of the selected colour. If
there aren't too many solutions, maybe we can build the 4 colour solution
from this my permuting and rotating thr tiles. Any idea on how this will work?

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