The GAP Character Table Library


This is Version 1.3.9 of the GAP Character Table Library, which is an add-on package for both GAP 3.4 and GAP 4.

There is a package manual (available in HTML and PDF format) that describes the available functions in detail.

The manual of the GAP Character Table Library is intended for GAP 4.12, in particular the cross-references refer to the GAP 4.12 Reference Manual. So when using the new character table library with GAP 3.4, one should still consult the documentation of the character table library contained in the Reference Manual of GAP 3.4.


The data contained in the GAP Character Table Library have been contributed by various people. Important sources of the ordinary character tables are

Individual contributions are often listed in the “InfoText”s of the GAP library tables.

For the origin of the Brauer tables in the GAP Character Table Library, see the homepage of the Atlas of Brauer Characters.

The GAP interface and the data format used were developed by Thomas Breuer.


The most important differences w.r.t. the Character Table Library in earlier releases of GAP are listed here, in HTML and PDF format.

The full list of differences since version 1.1.3 can be found in the (GAP readable) JSON format file ctbldiff.json.

The table of contents of the GAP Character Table Library is available not only inside a GAP session but also via HTML files that contain information about the available character tables.

Accompanying Material

The package manual lists several files showing character theoretic computations in the context of the GAP Character Table Library.

Some of these files have meanwhile been turned into a GAPDoc book of applications.

The known information about orthogonal discriminants of orthogonally stable irreducible characters of almost simple groups can be found in the JSON format file data/odresults.json.


Any comments are very welcome. If you have found important features missing or if there is a bug, let us know and we will try to address it in the next version of the GAP Character Table Library. Please send a short email to Thomas Breuer about it. This holds in particular if you have used the GAP Character Table Library to solve a problem.

You can also reach the GAP support group by sending an email to the general email address for problems with GAP.


If you want to get Version 1.3.9 of the GAP Character Table Library then download the gzipped tar archive (ca. 17 MB). Further information is contained in the file.

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The material presented on the following pages has been computed mainly from the data of the GAP Character Table Library and a few small GAP functions.

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Thomas Breuer gratefully acknowledges support by the German Research Foundation (DFG) – Project-ID 286237555 – within the SFB-TRR 195 Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Applications.

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