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Dr. Oliver Braun

I no longer work at RWTH Aachen University

Email: oliver.braun1 -at- rwth-aachen.de

Database: "Unit groups of orders"


Vorkurs zur linearen Algebra, Sommersemester 2015
Vorkurs zur linearen Algebra, Sommersemester 2014

PhD thesis, updated version (October 9, 2016)
Master thesis Minimale Klassen und maximale Untergruppen (in German), updated version, 10.10.2013
Algorithms for dealing with minimal classes. This is part of my master thesis.
Bachelor thesis Perfekte Gitter über imaginärquadratischen Zahlkörpern (in German)

Slides for a talk I gave with Gabriele Nebe and Sebastian Schönnenbeck at the annual conference of the DFG priority project SPP 1489 Algorithmic and experimental methods in algebra, geometry, and number theory in Bad Boll on March 5th, 2014
Slides for a talk I gave at the University of Hamburg on September 3rd, 2013