Nikolaus Conference 2022

Final Program

[Program as PDF-file]

The talks were in room SeMath (008), ground floor of Pontdriesch 14-16.

Meeting point and coffee breaks are in the same building at Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie in the first floor.

Friday, December 9, 2022

2.31--2.52pmRafał Lutowski (Gdańsk): Complex Vasquez Invariant
3.01--3.21pmMaria Chlouveraki (Athens): Defects and Weights of Blocks
(coffee and discussion)
4.41-5.01pmCaroline Lassueur (Kaiserslautern): On the Source-Algebra Equivalence Class of a Cyclic Block
5.14--5.38pmAnnika Bartelt (Kaiserslautern): Principal Blocks of Symmetric and Alternating Groups for Different Primes
5.46--6.06pmGunter Malle (Kaiserslautern): On a Lower Bound for the Number of Brauer Characters
7.00pm-??Evening session and dinner (in the Pontgarten, Pontstraße 154)

Saturday, December 10, 2022

10.31--10.52amSören Böhm (Bochum): On \(G\)-Complete Reducibility and \(G\)-Irreducibility - a Notion of J-P. Serre
11.01--11.16amEda Kaja (Darmstadt): Classification of Non-Solvable Groups whose Power Graph is a Cograph
11.31--11.52amBettina Eick (Braunschweig): Galois Trees in the Graphs Associated with the \(p\)-Groups of Maximal Class
(lunch break)
2.01--2.22pmPatrick Serwene (Dresden): Exotic and Block-Exotic Fusion Systems
2.31--2.54pmBarbara Baumeister (Bielefeld): The Dual Approach to Coxeter and Artin Groups: Quasi-Coxeter Elements
3.01--3.20pmYasir Kızmaz (Halle): On Thompson's Critical Subgroup
(coffee and discussion)
4.41--5.00pmImke Toborg (Halle): Subgroup Lattices of Groups
5.11--5.28pmMarie Roth (Kaiserslautern): Unitriangularity of Decomposition Matrices for Exceptional Simple Adjoint Groups of Lie Type
5.38--6.00pmJonas Hetz (Stuttgart): Ree's Formula and the Generalised Springer Correspondence
7.00pm-??Research Cambridge Style! (in the Pontgarten, Pontstraße 154)

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