Viktor Levandovskyy Teaching
(For) Students
Office Hours: by an appointment
SS 2018
Seminar zur Algebra II
WS 2017/2018 Guests:
Anne Frübis-Krüger (Hannover)
Jorge Martín-Morales (Zaragoza, Spain)
WS 2016/2017
Algebraische Geometrie (CAMPUS Eintrag)
Lineare Algebra II (Lehramt) (CAMPUS Eintrag)
SS 2016
Lineare Algebra I für Informatiker (CAMPUS Eintrag)
Höhere algorithmische Algebra II
Guest: Volodymyr Bavula (University of Sheffield, UK). Talk: Wed, 21.9 "Classical left regular left quotient ring of a ring and its semisimplicity criteria".
WS 2015/2016
Mathematische Grundlagen ( CAMPUS entry )
SS 2015
Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen
Seminar System- und Kontrolltheorie
WS 2014/15
Algebraische Systemtheorie
Begleitpraktikum I
SS 2014
Lineare Algebra I für Informatiker
MAPLE-Praktikum für Lehramt, Lehrstuhl-Seite der Veranstaltung
Mark Giesbrecht (University of Waterloo, Canada). Talk: Tue, 13.5 Algorithms and statistics for additive polynomials.
Jorge Martín-Morales (Zaragoza, Spain)
WS 2013-2014
Seminar zur Kommutativen Algebra
Guests: Bernd Sturmfels (University of Berkeley, USA and MPI Bonn, Germany). Talks:
"Non-Negative Polynomials versus Sums of Squares" (29.10, talk in Grad. School Colloquium, 14:15 in klPhys, Slides of the talk)
"The Euclidean Distance Degree" (29.10, talk in Math Dept. Colloquium, 18:00 in HS III, Slides of the talk).
SS 2013
Kommutative Algebra
WS 2012-2013
Guests: Nero Budur (University of Notre Dame, USA)
SS 2012
Guests: Jorge Martín-Morales (Zaragoza, Spain), Anne Shepler (Univ. Northern Texas, Denton, USA)
WS 2011-2012
Lineare Algebra II
Guests: Vladyslav Usenko (Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic)
SS 2011
Lineare Algebra I
Guests: Frank Sottile (Texas A & M), Jonathan Hauenstein (Texas A & M), Anne Shepler (Univ. Northern Texas, Denton), Natalia Iyudu (Queen's University Belfast, UK and MPIM Bonn)
WS 2010-2011
Seminar Computational Algebra
Compact course by Prof. Valery Romanovski
July 5-9, 2010
Lecture course entitled "An Introduction to SINGULAR " at the The 5th RISC SCIEnce Training School in Symbolic Computation in Habenberg near Linz, Austria
SS 2010
Algebraische Systemtheorie ( CAMPUS entry )
WS 2009-2010
Seminar Computational Algebra ( CAMPUS entry )
Guests: Jorge Martín-Morales (Zaragoza, Spain)
July 8-10, 2009
Lecture course entitled " SINGULAR tutorial" at the The 4th RISC SCIEnce Training School in Symbolic Computation in Habenberg near Linz, Austria
WS 2008-2009
Kommutative Algebra
Seminar zur Computeralgebra
SS 2008
Proseminar Lineare Algebra
WS 2007-2008
Lineare Algebra II
Seminar Computational Algebra
SS 2007
Lineare Algebra I
July 16-21, 2007
Lecture course "Gröbner bases as a Tool for Homological Algebra in (Non-) Commutative Setting" at the International Summer School on Symbolic Computation in Santiago de Compostella, Spain
February 8-9, 2007
Lecture course entitled " SINGULAR tutorial" at the The 1st RISC SCIEnce Training School in Symbolic Computation in Linz, Austria
RWTH Aachen University Division of Mathematics Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik