Nikolaus Conference 2018

General Information

What is this

The Nikolaus conference is an annual meeting at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik (RWTH Aachen). The focus is on group and representation theory with an emphasis on computational aspects (but not only). Particularly welcome are young researchers who have recently finished a thesis in this area. This is an opportunity to meet some established people in this area.

When is it

The talks will be scheduled from
Friday, December 7, 2018, about 2pm to
Saturday, December 8, 2018, about 6pm.

All talks will be at most 20 minutes long.

We will have long coffee breaks and "evening sessions" which can be used for further discussions.

After the talks on Saturday we will have the traditional Research Cambridge Style session in a nearby restaurant and pub. For this reason many participants will stay until Sunday morning.

Where is it

The talks and coffee breaks will be in Pontdriesch 14/16. A lecture hall is in the ground floor, and Lehrstuhl D is in the first floor (German counting).

Where to stay

In December there is a very popular Christmas market in Aachen with plenty of non-local visitors. So, do not wait too long before booking accomodation.

For this, we suggest to use an online booking site like (-> Tourismus -> Buchen -> Hotels), or similar sites.

(We had rooms in the RWTH Guesthouse, but unfortunately they are all booked by now.)


With this form you can register for the Nikolaus conference 2018.

Recall that the talks will start on Friday, December 7, 2018, about 2pm. The last talk finishes Saturday, December 8, 2018, about 6pm. Saturday evening there is the usual Research Cambridge Style session, so that probably many participants will stay for Saturday night and leave on Sunday morning.

      If "Don't know yet": please decide soon and tell me by email.

We have a limited amount of money for travel or accommodation expenses of a few Nikolaus participants.

Please, try hard to get financial support from your home institution or from other sources. Only if not successful you may indicate here a



So far, the following people intend to come:

and, of course, people from Lehrstuhl D and B at RWTH Aachen.

Please, register if you want to join this list.

Final Program

[as PDF-file]

All talks were in Pontdriesch 14/16 in Hörsaal SeMath (008). Meeting point and coffee breaks were at Lehrstuhl D, first floor (German counting) in the same building.

Times for the talks are in LRLT (Lecture room local time, UTC +01:01).

Friday, December 7, 2018

2.00--2.20pmIvan Marin (Amiens): Generalized Brauer Algebras
2.30--2.46pmTobias Moede (Braunschweig): Searching for New Simple Lie Algebras in Small Characteristic
3.00--3.22pmJonas Hetz (Stuttgart): On the Values of Unipotent Characters of Finite Chevalley Groups of Type \(E_6\) in characteristic 3
(coffee and discussion)
4.40--5.00pmReda Chaneb (Paris): Counting Unipotent Brauer Characters in Finite Reductive Groups
5.10--5.30pmRuwen Hollenbach (Kaiserslautern): Quasi-Isolated Blocks of Finite Groups of Lie Type
5.40--5.59pmEmily Norton (Bonn): Do Finite Groups of Lie Type and Cherednik Algebras Speak to Each Other?
7.00pm-??Research Cambridge Style! (in the Pontgarten, Pontstraße 154)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

09.41--09.58amFarrokh Shirjian (Tehran/Amiens): Finite Reductive Groups and their Complex Group Algebras
10.10--10.29amFarideh Shafiei (Tehran/Amiens): Estimating Structure of Finite Groups from their Irreducible Character Degrees
10.40--10.59amEirini Chavli (Stuttgart): Two Fundamental Conjectures on the Structure of Hecke Algebras. Part I: The BMR
11.10--11.31amMaria Chlouveraki (Versailles): Two Fundamental Conjectures on the Structure of Hecke Algebras. Part II: The BMM
11.40--12.03amGeorges Neaime (Bielefeld): Towards the Linearity of the Complex Braid Groups
(lunch break)
1.30--1.54pmCheryl Praeger (Perth): Complexity of Bray's Involution Centraliser Algorithm for Classical Groups in Odd Characteristic
2.00--2.23pmWilf Wilson (Halle): Computing Generating Sets for Direct Products of Finite Semigroups
2.30--2.53pmRekha Biswal (Bonn): Affine Structure and Tableaux Models for \(E_7\) Crystals
3.00--3.18pmMun See Chang (St Andrews): Computing Normalisers of Highly Intransitive Permutation Groups
(coffee and discussion)
4.40--4.59pmXenia Flamm (Bonn): Homology of Finite Covers of Graphs
5.10--5.31pmAlexander Hulpke (Fort Collins): Towards a Nonsolvable Quotient Algorithm
5.42--6.02pmMadeleine Whybrow (Kaiserslautern): An Infinite Family of Axial Algebras
7.00pm-??Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth", of course)

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