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GAP packages

In the subbranches of this node you find some GAP packages I have developed (partly together with others) and some other GAP-related stuff. There is

  • XGAP providing a graphical user interface for the GAP computer algebra system,
  • GAPDoc to write documentation for GAP packages, and
  • IO providing access to standard UNIX I/O functions in the C-library,
  • cvec providing a new implementation of compressed vectors and matrices over finite fields,
  • orb providing an implementation of stuff around orbit algorithms,
  • genss Generic Schreier Sims: Stabiliser chains for arbitrary finite groups,
  • recogbase A framework for group recognition,
  • recog A collection of methods for group recognition, in particular matrix group recognition,
  • WriteXFig allowing to write xfig graphic files from GAP.
  • GAP source installer BOB which downloads, extracts and compiles GAP 4.x with all distributed packages on your machine.