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Software Projects

In the subbranches of this node you find some software projects of mine (partly together with others). There is

  • some GAP packages,
  • a parallel implementation of Direct Condense,
  • the system OKUSON, which helps organizing exercises classes using the WWW,
  • a tool called the Mixer, that helps organizing web pages as this one,
  • a tool called the TeXer, that helps to compile a TeX document conveniently,
  • a shell called Pysh, which is written completely in my favorite programming language Python,
  • a tool mymkinitrd to help installing the boot process of Linux kernels, that are completely modular, and
  • clonepc, a tool to "clone" installations of Linux and install diskless machines.
  • a realtime multi-user game called Mister-X (written together with David von Bebber),