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The Mixer Homepage

What is the Mixer?

The Mixer is "little Max's version of a Content Management System". The goal is to help the user to maintain a web site consisting of a hierarchy of web pages in a consistent way. Repeating parts of these pages should each be stored and maintained in a single place and an easily understandable procedure should make the final pages from the input the user enters.

For each page this procedure basically pastes together various files from different places in a well-defined way and replaces certain elements by other stuff. Things like navigation tools for the visitors of the site are generated automatically from available data.

The main design principles are:

  • well-definedness,
  • good documentation,
  • the use of standard web technology (XML, XHTML, style sheets).

Documentation, Download and Installation

The Mixer has a user manual, which can be downloaded as a PDF file. You can download an archive via the following link: mixer.tar.gz. To install unpack the archive via

gzip -dc mixer.tar.gz | tar xvf -

A new directory with the name mixer is created containing further instructions in the file mixer.pdf.

Copyright and License

The Mixer is protected under the Copyright of Max Neunhöffer. It is free software and may be freely redistributed under the terms and conditions of the Gnu Public License.