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Publications of Max Neunhöffer

This page contains a list of my publications. Whenever legally possible, I provide a PDF version of a preprint or even the final version.
This link lets you jump down to the Software section.

There is also a page listing talks I have given, the slides are published there.

Additionally, there is a page listing research and other grants I have received.

Mathematical publications

  • Arithmetical properties of idempotents in group algebras.
    C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math. 330 (2000), no. 7, p. 535-539; MR 2001a:16043.
    [as PDF file]

  • Enumerating large orbits and direct condensation.
    (Together with Frank Lübeck)
    Experiment. Math. 10 (2001), no. 2, p. 197--205; MR1837671 (2002m:20028).
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Completing the Brauer trees for the sporadic simple Lyons group.
    (Together with Jürgen Müller, Frank Röhr, and Rob Wilson)
    LMS J. Comput. Math 5 (2002), p. 18-33 (electronic); MR1916920 (2003e:20015).
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Untersuchungen zu James' Vermutung über Iwahori-Hecke-Algebren vom Typ A
    Phd thesis, RWTH Aachen, in German, 2003, p. 1-150.
    [as PDF file] [electronically published] (see also this page)

  • Some computations regarding Foulkes' conjecture
    (Together with Jürgen Müller)
    Experiment. Math. 14 (2005), no. 3, p. 277-283.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Generalised sifting in black-box groups
    (Together with Sophie Ambrose, Cheryl E. Praeger, and Csaba Schneider)
    LMS Journal of Computing and Mathematics. 8 (2005), p. 217-250 (electronic)
    [arXiv] [Journal]

  • The 2-modular characters of the Fischer group Fi23
    (Together with Gerhard Hiß and Felix Noeske)
    Journal of Algebra 300 (2006), no. 2, p. 555-570.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Kazhdan-Lusztig basis, Wedderburn decomposition, and Lusztig's homomorphism for Iwahori-Hecke-Algebras
    Journal of Algebra 303 (2006), no. 1, p. 430-446.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • A Data Structure for a Uniform Approach to Computations with Finite Groups
    (Together with Ákos Seress)
    in ISSAC'06, July 9-12, 2006, Genova, Italy. (2006), p. 254-261.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Enumerating big orbits and an application: B acting on the cosets of Fi23
    (Together with Jürgen Müller and Robert Wilson)
    Journal of Algebra 314 (2007), no. 1, p. 75-96.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Formulas for primitive Idempotents in Frobenius Algebras and an Application to Decomposition Maps
    (Together with Sarah Scherotzke)
    Representation Theory 12 (2008), p. 170-185.
    [as PDF file] [Journal] [on arXiv]

  • Computing Minimal Polynomials of Matrices
    (Together with Cheryl E. Praeger)
    LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics.
    11 (2008), p. 252-279; published 4 Aug 2008.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • A polynomial-time reduction algorithm for groups of semilinear or subfield class
    (Together with Jon Carlson and Colva Roney-Dougal)
    Journal of Algebra 322 (2009), p. 613-637.
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Constructive Recognition of Finite Groups
    Habilitationsschrift. 2009. Accepted.

  • A new construction of the asymptotic algebra associated to the $q$-Schur algebra
    (Together with Olivier Brunat)
    Accepted in Representation Theory.
    [as PDF file] [arXiv]

  • Computing automorphisms of semigroups.
    (Together with João Araújo, P.V. Bünau and James D.~Mitchell)
    Journal of Symbolic Computation 20 October 2009
    [as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Condensation of Homomorphism Spaces
    (Together with Klaus Lux and Felix Noeske)
    LMS J. Comput. Math. 15 (2012), pp. 140-157.
    [submission as PDF file] [final version as PDF file] [Journal]

  • Orbit Invariants and and Application to the Baby Monster
    (Together with Felix Noeske, E.A. O'Brien, and Robert A. Wilson)
    Submitted 25 January 2011. Revised 24 May 2011.
    [as PDF file]

  • Deciding Word Problems of Semigroups using Finite State Automata
    (Together with Markus Pfeiffer and Nik Ruskuc)
    [as PDF file]

  • Sporadic neighbour-transitive codes in Johnson graphs
    (Together with Cheryl E. Praeger)

  • A cryptographic hash function using product replacement.
    In preparation.

  • Finding normal subgroups.
    In preparation.


  • XGAP - a graphical front end for GAP.
    (Together with Frank Celler)
    Refereed GAP package, published 1999, see GAP site.

  • Direct Condense 2 - a parallel implementation.
    (Together with Frank Lübeck)
    C programs, published 2000, see homepage.

  • GAPDoc - a GAP package for writing GAP documentation.
    (Together with Frank Lübeck)
    GAP package, not yet refereed, first published 2002, see the GAPDoc homepage or GAP site.

  • OKUSON - organization of exercise classes via the web.
    (Together with Frank Lübeck)
    First published 2004, for details see the OKUSON homepage.

  • The Mixer - a tool to create web sites.
    First published 2004, for details see the Mixer homepage.

  • Pysh - a shell written in Python.
    First published 2004, for details see the Pysh homepage.

  • IO - a GAP package for doing input/output.
    GAP package, not yet refereed, first published 2006, see IO homepage.

  • cvec - a GAP package implemention compressed vectors and matrices.
    GAP package, not yet refereed, first published 2006, see cvec homepage.

  • orb - a GAP package for enumerating orbits.
    GAP package, not yet refereed, first published 2006, see orb homepage.

  • genss - a GAP package implementing the randomized Schreier-Sims algorithm.
    (Together with Felix Noeske)
    First published 2009, for details see genss homepage.

  • recogbase - a GAP package which is an implementation of a framework to do group recognition using composition trees.
    (Together with Ákos Seress)
    First published 2009, for details see recogbase homepage.

  • recog - a GAP package which contains methods to do group recognition using composition trees.
    (Together with Peter Brooksbank, Frank Celler, Stephen Howe, Maska Law, Steve Linton, Gunter Malle, Max Neunhöffer, Alice Niemeyer, Eamonn O'Brien, Colva M. Roney-Dougal and Ákos Seress. First published 2009, for details see recog homepage.

  • FinInG - a finite geometry package for GAP.
    (Together with John Bamberg, Anton Betten, Jan De Beule, Philippe Cara, Michel Lavrauw, Maska Law, Michael Pauley and Sven Reichard. Beta version 1.0 published 2009, for details see FinInG homepage.