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Start: Tuesday, 05/30/2023, 9 am
End: Friday, 06/02/2023, 6 pm


RWTH Aachen University:
Pontdriesch 14/16


Background Material

Lecture Notes from the course on algebraic number theory (Nebe)
For a more elaborate version we recommend the book by J. Neukirch on Algebraische Zahlentheorie.

Lecture Notes from the course on quadratic forms (Nebe)
We recommend the book by M. Kneser on Quadratische Formen.

As a preparation for the algebraic geometric talks read Wolfgang Ebeling Lattices and Codes Chapter 1 which treats the classification of root lattices. This is also useful if you want to have examples for integral quadratic forms and thus lattices over the Dedekind domain of rational integers.

The lectures on automorphisms of K3 surfaces follow the survey article Shigeyuki Kondō - A survey of finite groups of symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces, 2018 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 51 053003
For further reading on K3 surfaces I recommend the introduction/survey Harder, A., Thompson, A. (2015). The Geometry and Moduli of K3 Surfaces.
In: Laza, R., Schütt, M., Yui, N. (eds) Calabi-Yau Varieties: Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics. Fields Institute Monographs, vol 34. Springer, New York, NY.

OSCAR documentation and installation

Installation guide


Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes for the lecture on Tuesday morning (Nebe)

Slides of Markus Kirschmers talk on Lattices over Dedekind domains (Tuesday afternoon)

Material for the talk on Lattices in Oscar

Slides for the talk on sums of squares in number fields (Krasensky)

Notes for the lecture on Friday morning (Nebe) and Friday early afternoon (Breuer)

Slides for the talk on Extremal Lattices (Nebe)