Virtual Nikolaus Conference 2020

Final Program

[Nikolaus program as PDF-file]

All talks were online via zoom. Participants had to register to get the link.

All times are in central European standard time (CET = UTC+1).

Friday, December 11, 2020

2.01--2.23pmEmily Norton (Kaiserslautern): New Decomposition Numbers of Finite Classical Groups [slides]
2.30--2.49pmRichard Parker (Cambridge): On Short Theorems with a Long Proof [slides]
3.00--3.20pmFarideh Shafiei (Tehran): Taketa Inequality for Solvable Groups with Few Irreducible Character Degrees
(coffee break --- bring your own coffee and cookies)
4.35--4.55pmCaroline Lassueur (Kaiserslautern): On the Modular Representation Theory of Finite Groups with Semi-Dihedral Sylow 2-Subgroups
5.00--5.20pmGunter Malle (Kaiserslautern): On Willems' Conjecture on Brauer Character Degrees
5.28--5.52pmFarrokh Shirjian (Tehran): An Explicit Description of the Action of Automorphisms on Irreducible Characters of Quasi-Simple Groups of Type A
7.00pm-??Online variant of Research Cambridge Style! Participants had to organize drinks, Glühwein, Grillplatte or whatever they needed themselves. We had long chats via zoom, including some breakout rooms.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

2.00--2.18pmPaula Hähndel (Halle): Finite Simple Groups that Act Transitively and with Fixity 4
2.30--2.52pmRafał Lutowski (Gdańsk): Flat Manifolds with Holonomy Representation of Quaternionic Type [slides]
3.00--3.21pmDamian Sercombe (Bochum): Maximal Connected Subgroups of Maximal Rank in Reductive k-Groups
(coffee break --- bring your own coffee and cookies)
4.30--4.47pmLinus Hellebrandt (Aachen): Cartan Invariants of the Descent Algebra for Coxeter Groups of Type \(A_n\)
5.00--5.21pmMeinolf Geck (Stuttgart): An Elementary Characterisation of Special Nilpotent Orbits [slides]
5.30--5.51pmThomas Breuer (Aachen): Verifying the Character Table of the Monster [slides]
7.00pm-?? (Sorry, Labyrinth was closed and cancelled this year.)

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